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Design - Our design team cater for all sizes of projects (from single room to major plants) and recommend high quality air conditioning to fit your temperature control, energy efficiency and cost planning needs

Supply- We supply air conditioning systems from many manufacturers with whom we have long standing relationships with so can ensure you receive the optimal system for your requirements 

Install - Our experienced engineers ensure a safe and effective installation of our simplistic, cost-effective systems .

Maintain- We not only offer a 24 / 7 call out service team  that are equipped to deal with every eventuality, but also maintenance contracts which include regular reviews to ensure all equipment is maintained to the highest standards


Our fan coil units are one of the most effective methods of providing air conditioning with comparatively low capital costs. They feature smaller ventilation plants and distribution ductwork than all air systems


Ideal for cooling and dehumidifying air in mid to large commercial and industrial facilities and offer efficiency and energy consumption benefits over air cooled systems


Our most sophisticated and technological air conditioning system usually consisting of an outdoor unit and several indoor units. The system receives inputs from the operator and from outdoor conditions to create desired comfort conditions whilst utilizing optimal power consumptions  


Our ducted systems are designed to be completely concealed making them our most versatile air conditioning unit for commercials/residential purposes. The cooled air is circulated through the room via diffusers that can be mounted on the wall/ ceilings.

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