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Design - Our design team cater for all sizes of projects and recommend high quality heating and ventilation systems to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air qualities.

Supply- We supply air solutions from many manufacturers with whom we have long standing relationships with so can ensure you receive the optimal system for your requirements 

Install - Our experienced engineers ensure a safe and effective installation of our simplistic, cost-effective systems .

Maintain- We not only offer a 24 / 7 call out service team  that are equipped to deal with every eventuality, but also maintenance contracts which include regular reviews to ensure all equipment is maintained to the highest standards


Custom Built Air Handling units can be designed to be located within the building or outdoors with additional weatherproofing. Can be configured to be simple make up air plant incorporating heating and filtration, or comfort cooling to full function close control of temperature and humidity


Our ventilation sock systems can be used to provide fresh air to all areas of a room diluting airborne pathogens and preventing micro-organism growth.


Kitchen canopies prime function is to protect the area surrounding the cooking process by removing contaminants and making it safe for the people to work in. It is also necessary to provide suitable and sufficient fresh air by natural or mechanical means not just for the staff but to support the combustion process.

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