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Design - Our design team cater for all sizes of projects
(from single room to major plants) and can customise ventilation and chiller units to your specific requirements

Supply- All our products are supplied from manufacturers with whom we have long standing relationships with so can ensure you receive the optimal system for your requirements 

Install - Our experienced engineers ensure a safe and effective installation of our simplistic, cost-effective systems .

Maintain- We not only offer a 24 / 7 call out service team  that are equipped to deal with every eventuality, but also maintenance contracts which include regular reviews to ensure all equipment is maintained to the highest standards


The Portavent 8400 is a fully portable 'safe change' ventilation and filtration unit. It is primarily designed for depressurising controlled areas to prevent spread of hazardous substances into uncontrolled areas. They can be temporarily tented or permanently installed structures for the control of incidents or spillages.

Hepa filter meets nuclear industry AESS - 30-93492


We offer built to specification bespoke chillers suitable where there are high ambient conditions, low leaving water temperatures are required or there are variable flow rates. These include air cooled or water cooled systems, which can be offered internally mounted or as weatherproof units. We also offer noise reduction measures with all of our units should this be desired.

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