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Design - Our design team cater for all sizes of project and incorporate the latest energy saving techniques to ensure your cooling system fit for purpose for all your current / future needs.

Supply- We supply refrigeration systems from many manufacturers with whom we have long standing relationships with so can ensure you receive the optimal system for your requirements 

Install - Our experienced engineers ensure a safe and effective installation of our simplistic, cost-effective systems .

Maintain- We not only offer a 24 / 7 call out service team  that are equipped to deal with every eventuality, but also maintenance contracts which include regular reviews to ensure all equipment is maintained to the highest standards


Our screw compressors are compact and lightweight with a quiet, vibration free operation. Ideal for those wanting to maintain high efficiency at part and full loads. 

Our screw compressor packs can be engineered for both high and low temperature applications with various forms of capacity control and methods of heat rejection.


Temperature controlled environments designed and installed for companies involved in food processing and packaging


Our cold storage units freeze high volumes of goods enables you to keep goods fresher for longer. Ideal for storing perishable goods before transportation

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