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We have many energy saving climatic solutions on offer which include:

Variable speed drives-

Seimens G120P inverters are designed specifically for HVAC applications, providing simple and reliable energy saving solutions.

They link easily to BMS or stand alone electronic controllers.

Daikin HRV VAM unit-

The Daikin HRV (Heat Reclaim Ventilation) VAM unit is a complete system providing positive room air pressure, where the ventilation rate is controlled via supply and extract fans.

A heat exchanger transfers heat from the extracted stale air into the incoming supply fresh air with no cross contamination.

Filters are integral to the units, they are easily cleanable and various grades can be selected from to suit the application.

With efficiencies of up to 80% when used in conjunction with Daikin Skyair split systems or VRV, cooling loads in summer and heating in winter can be reduced resulting in considerable energy savings.


In cooler ambient temperatures the unit goes to by-pass mode automatically and provides “free cooling”.

Casings are very compact designed for shallow ceiling voids, but noise levels are extremely low due to the modified fan design.

Units can be fitted with humidifiers, d/x coils, and boost heaters if required.


For more examples of energy saving climatic solutions we can offer take a look at the studies linked below.

Example 1                  Example 2

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